Starting off trading in the stock market, Joe expanded his skills into management transformation whilst working in the corporate world. His keen people focused strategic mind has guided countless local government employees through difficult transition periods. More recently, Joe has developed an expertise in program management in large scale social housing.

As well as being a keen rugby player and enthusiast, Joe also enjoys board sports such as surfing, snowboarding and more recently kitesurfing. A new dad to a beautiful little girl, he is a big fan of the ‘walk, crawl, surf’ motto (in any order).



Ollie is a transformation and change expert. His work in the corporate world specialised in large scale operating model re- designs for both local government and multi national banks. Whilst covering all aspects of operating model transformation including tech, capacity and organisational structure, Ollie's true focus is people management, to ensure employees feel supported through change.

A true outdoor enthusiast, Ollie likes to escape the city exploring new places on foot, wild hiking and camping. He also enjoys both indoor and outdoor climbing as well as being a keen tennis player but is currently suffering from 'imgettingtoooldforthis' syndrome.